Worms, bins and compost aren't the usual topics we cover in a workshop, but hey, don't say we aren't full of surprises.

Ansel will be sharing his home grown knowledge and green fingered wizardry in 'How to create a self contained wormery' at the Trade School London, which will be hosted at one of our new fav local spots FARM:Shop.

Based around the idea of the social nature of exchange, Trade School is a global initiative that uses barter as a way to engage knowledge share. For example, "I'll teach you how to mend your bicycle puncture for art supplies and a banana or better yet teach me a skill".

Starting in April and running on Thursdays and Sundays throughout the month, you can learn anything from yoga for beginners, make usable websites or even check out the 'divine/ridiculous' an exploration of the collision point between the sublime and the silly' workshop.

To sign up for any of the classes please go here and hit join.

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How to create a self-contained wormery composter | 6.30 -8pm Thursday 19th April

20 Dalston Lane
E8 3AZ