"twenty%extra’s design of the Generation 3.0 Manchester pop-up shop was fantastic and made a real difference to the success of the campaign. The shop was eye-catching and engaging, and it managed to attract a wide range of people to step inside to participate in discussions on how to end racism.

We couldn’t have been given a better location for the Manchester shop than Piccadilly station – it meant we were able to reach a far wider audience that we would have been able to otherwise. Over 200 people visited the Manchester shop during the 4 day period it was open, a number we were thrilled with."  —  Vicki Butler, Public Affairs Manager, Runnymede Trust

Generation 3.0 is a campaign by Race Relations think tank Runnymede Trust that encourages and facilitates dialogue on the uncomfortable subject of racism with a view to ending it in a generation.

Literally setting up shop in the community, the campaign brings together school children and the wider community. Through various activities, groups share and learn from each others experiences as they seek answers to an old age problem.

We were commissioned to create two pop-up experiences and devise the workshop programme for the week long events. Working with our OpenShop partners Meanwhile Space, we sourced locations in Manchester Piccadilly train station and Croydon High Street.

Taking inspiration from the short film made for Manchester – based on a young Asian female boxer – we asked 'what is the fight' in contemporary Britain today. Those entering the space were greeted by a super-sized boxer and a larger than life mantra that reflected both the attitude of the project and a personal means of moving forward; be it with a south paw or orthodox stance.