A system that can attack both fast and strong is neither a shoe, a shark or an advertising spot. Confused? You'll understand soon enough. Kobe Bryant's System works. It makes hard work seem like fun and the ambiguous process of achieving success seem simple.

Kobe's impeccably delivered TED style presentation taps into the very current cultural zeitgeist of sharing knowledge while using a level of charm and wit as palpable as the drive required to win-win-win. The genius behind this campaign is the fact that Nike never dwell on product, instead focussing on end product.

Nike make content for content aggregators. Sure, everybody and their mum does that these days, but few create an array of content off of one idea that leaves each aggregator with the feeling that there's a word they can spread that hasn't been, as one might say, played out. Never before could a brand rustle up the marketing spend to air this much content. YouTube provides the conduit; Nike maximize the opportunity.

In summary, the strength of the idea underpins the expansive nature of the creative. Get that? You're welcome.