Were I to have received a penny for every programme that has been compared to The Wire, I'd have enough money tucked away to have executive produced Mad Men: one of the few shows worthy of such comparison, and one that has made its return on the Outer Hebredies of British television – Sky Atlantic.

Rather than dwell on my lack of free-viewing opportunities, allow me to delve into the impressive promotional photography's ode to painter Edward Hopper. Subtlety of this nature is something one can come to expect from a show that is as true to life as it is a supreme work of fiction.

The angst, unrequited emotions and unspoken words present in Hopper's work flow through Andy Ryan's images, creating a suggestive, intriguing narrative. I couldn't state with any certainty what Donald Draper's take would be on this work, but Ansel Neckles says that if you are going to tell a story through picture, make sure it says the right things and has the viewer asking the right questions.