It's been no secret that the music industry has been put through it's paces over recent years, with the internet forcing the industry re-evalute it's business model and marketing strategies.

One thing that small independent labels have as an advantage over the large corporations is the 'niche'. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, independents use selective tastes and underground relevance to be perceptive as well as receptive to changes in audiences tastes. One such movement that looks like it could be on to something is the Independent Label Market.

Last May saw the launch of the initiative on Berwick Street where independent label bosses from labels such as XL, Rough Trade and Mute set up stall and quite simply flogged their gear, which included back catalogues and limited editions and the odd pop star like Jarvis Cocker making an appearance.

In marketing speak, we would call this experiential; bringing the brand to the audience. On October 8th ILM go Stateside, setting up shop at Brooklyn Flea with MTV Hive and The Daily Swarm as partners. As a concept it creates a sense of exclusivity that indulges the senses of avid music fans while at the same time continuing a sense of community. Niche in this instance equals community building, which any brand worth their stock value are trying to invest in.